The University of Ohio Experimental Crop Station

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The University of Ohio Extension Experimental Crop Station is located in Question Mark, Ohio, and is dedicated to significant advancement in one-of-a-kind agricultural research including experimental crop cultivation, development of hybrid species, and investigation of new fungal entities. The ECS leverages the unique and fertile soil of Question Mark, known for its rare mineral composition and optimal pH balance including the unique presence of iridium.

Question Mark's soil, rich in nutrients and with an uncommonly versatile structure, presents an ideal environment for testing a wide range of crop varieties. This includes both traditional crops and more exotic, potentially high-yield varieties that could revolutionize farming practices. The area's distinct microclimate further contributes to its suitability for this groundbreaking agricultural research.

The Experimental Crop Station is currently led by Dr. George Yakamoto, senior researcher, along with Dr. Rebecca Lipsik, assistant senior researcher.

Virtual Courses Spring 2024

ECS101 Experimental Botany At Home

In this hands-on course, budding experimental biologists will conduct a series of experiments to understand the basics of botany and the scientific method. AVAILABLE NOW.

ECS105 Introduction to Cryptobotany

In this overview course, virtual learners are introduced to the field of Cryptobotany. Learners will learn how to identify and classify undiscovered plants. COMING SOON

ECS201 Harnessing Plant Toxins for Revolutionary Medicines

Did you know the toxins in plants can hurt and help? In this class, students will learn how to harvest venom from plants for medicinal use. Note: medical release required. COMING SOON

ECS501 Necroflora: Crafting the Unthinkable Hybrid Plants

Do you sometimes feel like your green thumb has let you down? Don't worry. In this hands-on course learners will learn how to revive dead plants and how to craft entirely new life forms from them. COMING SOON

STAFF ONLY Experimental Crop Station Security Protocols

As part of the University of Ohio Experimental Crop Station’s effort to keep the surrounding community of Question Mark, OH, safe, all staff are required to pass this online security training.